Livable Housing Australia(LHA)

 Providing New Housing for Seniors

in Convenient Locations.

Is your family home too big for you now?

Many older residents are staying in their existing home, even though it's now too large for them.

Why?  Because there isn't any suitable housing in the same convenient location in the neighbourhood you love.

GreyChange is a new service that has been specifically created to make this time of your life as exciting and rewarding as it should be, by finding (or building) you the perfect home to suit your new lifestyle, in your existing neighbourhood

There are two options::

  1. Stay where you are, with a new modern smaller, senior-friendly home unit built for you (1 of 2) on your existing block, or
  2. Move to one of our new home units, as and when available, in your neighbourhood

Our home units are designed for accessibility in accordance with the highest level design guidelines from Livable Housing Australia.

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