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Are you thinking of downsizing your home in the next 1 or 2 years?

But still decades away from a retirement village?

GreyChange Services and GreyChange Homes have been specifically created to make this time of your life as exciting and rewarding as it should be, by building you the perfect new home to suit your new lifestyle, in the location of your choice.

We can do this by finding the perfect location for your new home - and you don't necessarily have to leave your existing neighbourhood. We then work with you to design the new home precisely for you. And then we build it to the quality you demand. We can even do a demolish/rebuild on your existing property.

Our two operations work together to help you every step of the way, and beyond. We provide a host of ancillary services at each juncture - with no surprises before, during or after. And as a GreyChange Club Member, after the move you will have access to a vast array of accredited services, both for the home (eg home security, maintenance, gardening, electrician etc.) and for you (eg travel, financial, lifestyle, personal security etc.)

GreyChange Services

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